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If you have any questions on art, art techniques, the meaning of life, etc. I'm always happy to answer and toss in my two cents. Don't expect an immediate response or in some cases any response at all, I usually have a lot of e-mail to sift through with maybe only a few minutes or so a week to actually check them and the times that I do, I really need to check at least one or two important ones. And please don't be overbearing about it, as much as I appreciate the attention I don't enjoy having a person sending me five million drawings asking my opinion on every last one.

Also, please don't send me requests for drawings. As an artist on a work schedule, most (if not all) of my drawings are done in my free time, which I would like to devote to themes and characters I am personally enthusiastic about. Working on someone else's character that I have little or no enthusiasm towards isn't my bag of tea if you know what I mean. Plus as a professional artist, my artwork does come at a price if it's not for my own personal enjoyment (sorry no freebies folks).


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