This is likely the one place you wanted to see if you've already known who I am. The following galleries operate on LightBox, which has been known to work improperly in Internet Explorer. It is reccommended that either Netscape or Firefox be used for the galleries, just for the full effect.

Full-Color The 'cream of the crop' so to speak. These are the drawings I didn't abandon in that long desert called the land of Work of Progress. The drawings jump from being colored in either Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter. Some will also be strictly in a flat color state with no shading to them.
Inks Next to none of my drawings have ever stopped at this point unless I intended it to be a strict ink or black and white drawing. I like to think of my inked drawings as a checkpoint between the sketch being scanned in and the actual final image.
Sketches A vast majority of my drawings only make it this far in the process. A lot of drawings I either feel I could improve, I flat out don't like when I finish, or I was just goofing off at the time. Either way only a few make it past this hurtle and onto finalization. I never posted any on DeviantArt or on Amaz0ns but now that I have space to waste, I can now put all the drawings that get lost in "WIP" purgatory just to show the stuff that doesn't meet my own expectations.
My brainchild of a challenge for FMG artists. The idea is for the artist to choose one character who will be the subject of 100 drawings. Each drawing will utilize a theme based off of a single word. The theme can be as broad or as basic as the artist chooses.

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